Preparing for a Few Low-Cost and Non-Chemical Termite Treatments
Posted by antcontrol, 09/12/2017 10:19 am

No one wants their house covered in poisonous chemicals. Sometimes, it is necessary. When confronting termites late in the infestation, it is completely necessary. But, preemptive treatment does not have to contain any chemicals at all. Below is a quick guide to some non-chemical options for Pest Control, and how homeowners should prepare for them.

What are these Non-Chemical Treatments?

Homeowners can deploy barriers for their home. Barriers are the most common solution for preemptive termite control. There are two main types of barriers. The first is a sand barrier. Termites typically enjoy the sand, but certain sand types and sizes can block their entrance.

Another popular method is steel mesh. Steel mesh acts as a rather formidable detractor for termites. The thickness is impenetrable. It is, currently, the most popular method for pest control.

More on Barriers

Thankfully, these barrier options are not very expensive. It can often take a single visit to install them in the proper places. An ant control team member can also deploy them sparingly and discreetly to maximize their efficiency without flooding the house with thick metal gates everywhere.

There are some valued and trusted methods for treating termites without chemicals that go a bit beyond building a barrier during construction. Various natural control agents can help scare away any intrigued populations. Homeowners can help complement these methods by doing a few various tasks around the house. These tasks focus on making the house unappealing for termites.

Maintain Gardens or Keep Them at Arm’s Length

Gardens, and their maintenance, could be important for maximizing the efficiency of barrier fences. All plants can act as a lovely entrance for termites, which will require pest control. Gardens are beautiful, but they should be kept at arm’s length. This is not a figure of speech. All plants should be, at a minimum, an arm’s length away from the edge of the home. This gives the space a little buffer room and helps prevent termites from coming.

Homeowners can also keep up with lawn maintenance to discourage termites from further out in the yard. They can come from afar, traveling acres to find a place to settle. It may also be effective to treat cracks on the exterior of the home, particularly cracks around the foundation. If the barriers are breached, the cracks will stop them cold. Maintaining the garden is the main task for homeowners in preparing for the barriers.

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